True or False ???

I remember the good times we had via twitter, and those times no one can take away from me. No matter if that was the truth or if it was false!

Where these times true or where these times just another dream of mine??? I can’t state the one without mentioning the other!

Was it too good to have a “Hot Hunky Stud” following me and being one of my best Twitter friends??? Including we wanted to take the friendship into IRL.

We connected mostly on twitter… Had pretty good times and conversations. Also his pictures seemed to be true. What was the point? Did I pushed too hard or was it just a flake?

And then sometime end of may 2011 I got a Direct Message from his account stating “he Passed away on his vacations with his Boyfriend in Mexico!“…

What a bummer!

I didn’t know how I should post this, besides i didn’t found the right words to describe the whole situation, so that’s why I’m doing it now.

If this story is true, then I’m very sorry that a good hearted hot hunky guy passed away! But if that’s just another fake, then I’m just sorry that he thought he needed to fake things just to be friends with me!

I’m not stating here which of the two versions is true! Because I don’t know it myself.

I only can close my today’s post with following suggestions if you want to be a friend to me:

  • Be Real
  • Don’t lie to me! And win that I mean the bigger lies! (we all know those small lies about the Name bc who is living under his real name in the Internet???)
  • Try to be honest as possible and don’t take the easy way! The longer and harder way is way the best in the end ;))

XoXo Brandon <3

hello or goodbye ???

Its time to say Hello / Ola / Goodbye !!!

I have to leave in a bit to the Airport to catch my flight back!

Had such a wonderful time here in Miami South Beach! Made a few new Friends from all around the Globe!

Hope to Cum back here in a few Months again!


There’s still so much to see and to experience!


Miami I Will Be Back :) I’ll Promise :))



Boys Night out

… so Dominique and I where at the Twist Club last night!

Lots of Guys there… plenty to drink… :)

We had a blast :)


But unfortunately there was a dude there who thought it is Funny to steal the iPhone  4 and approx 100 $ out of my Bag! Just this two things where missing! my Passport and all my Credit and Debit Cards where still in there…

Good for me i had my US Cellphone with me!

so long!


I’m in …

… Miami Bitch :P

Finally after that long ass flight yesterday, i Landes Safe ‘n’ Sound on Miami International Airport (MIA) :)

Took me about an Hour to go with the Shuttle thingely from MIA to the SoBE Hostel :) I know, i know… you’re thinking “a HOSTEL???” … yes “a HOSTEL!!!” Fun an Cheap place to stay…

and now let’s say that again…


“I’M IN     M I A M I    B I T C H”  :P

Yours Brandon <3

Happy Valentines Day aka as #SAD

Happy Valentines Day my Lovely sexy Friends and Followers!

This day is for all those who are with someone special! Its also known as #SAD aka Single Awareness Day!

So if U R Single just like me! How do you Spend your evening on such a day?

Love to read your opinions in the comment section :)

so long

and a Happy Single Awareness Day