Insights of my weight loss and dieting

Those of you who are following my Twitter and Instagram Account, probably have seen my Progress picture i’ve posted.
Over a Year ago, in June 2014 i weighted almost 300 lbs and due to a 3 months shift work job i had, i started loosing weight whilst working. Haven’t changed my eating habits nor did i started to workout.
Just 2 Weeks ago i’m down under 250 lbs. and still dropping some more. A few of you all have asked me, the following questions.
  • What did you do to loose so much slow and steady without gaining weight again?
  • What diet do you do?
  • Which workout routine do you have?
Well, thats easy to answer…
I haven’t done anything special. I just took the slow and steady route and have fun whilst at it 🙂
  • No special diet!
  • I eat what i like
  • I prep and cook it myself and use fresh products and create the light variation of it
  • Just way smaller portions per dish than i used to
  • If i want a snack in between meals, I eat a piece of cucumber or pepper instead
  • During summer i also eat a lot of water-melon
  • I walk most distances on foot or i take my bicycle for a ride
  • Drinking lots of water. 1 Gallon a day
And for all who also seen my legs. Please don’t be envious or jealous about them. They are genetically that way. I only need a couple of light exercises a week to keep the skin nice ’n’ tight.
So if you still want to try to get as big as my legs, talk with your coach or personal trainer about it and show him the pictures of my legs and ask if you can become that big without the use of steroids.
A little inspiration on what to eat, you always can watch out for my #foodporn tweets 🙂
If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact me 🙂
My conclusion to this post is…
… Dieting and Weight loss should be FUN and you have to do it for the right reason. Namely only for yourself to feel better and healthier.

The Upbringing of an only child in a very conservative and religious family

As far back as my memories of my childhood goes i was mostly brought up by my mother. My mum used to work part-time and so I was moved around from one to the other friends of my parents during that time when my mum worked. The other half of the day, my mum was there. My dad was mostly busy working shifts as a male nurse in the emergency room at the local city hospital. Therefore it was mostly just me and my mum. But my dad made always sure that when he was off work, that we did things together. even if it was just sleeping. You know he on the couch on his back and little me was sleeping sprawled on his belly.
That was how it was before i was old enough to go to the kindergarden. At that time my mum used to walk me to the kindergarden and then went strait to work. Kinder garden as far as i can remember was my fun times. lots to do and lots of things to discover and peers to play with. I even liked PT hours then, we mostly played dodgeball, which was my fav game to play.
Some time later, when I went to school, I was that average lil cute kid that everyone wanted. Till one day my parents took me to the doctors to get my eyes checked. I ended up with some very geeky glasses. Some of my classmates thought its cool and the others started calling me names. That plus the fact of my families religion where we went to church every Saturday morning made things just a bit more complicated for me at school! Back then school was from Monday to Friday Full day with breaks and all. On Saturdays it was just from 8 am till Noon. The other classmates got very jealous about it that i wasn’t at school on Saturdays, but what they didn’t saw was, that i had to catch up on the subjects they had on Saturday Nights.
During my whole time in School, I was being Bullied, Mobbed, got into lots of fistfights which all i haven’t started. I just stood up for myself and defended myself from the onslaught they sent my way. Hence i was the UNDERDOG, a LONER and always chosen last.
Although i do remember my bench buddy at school very well. He’s a GINGER, he always talked with me because he wanted to. Turns out, a couple of years later and all grown up into Adulthood we are both GAY 😛 and we’re friends.
Oh and big thanks to 3 of my teachers for seeing what was hidden in me the Underdog. My Biology, English and my German/Library Teachers, thanks again for all the good work you did and all the things you taught us. 🙂
In my teens it was very hard, lots of struggles to find your way as a 16 year old in the world of the Adults. There was no one back then who guided me or took me under his wings to lead the way and show me all my possibilities and options. All you’ve got back then was the usual suggestions from your parents like try this or try that. But no real guidance as the younger generation these days get.
Rebellious as i was or as i still am, who knows 😛 I got into a word fight and very big disagreement with the pastor and the church and the religion of my family. They where trying to put us into a Protective Bubble with no contact to people who don’t have the same faith as we did. So i left the charade and the religion behind me and concentrated on the real world.
Back in the real world, i identified myself as a guy who has some religious beliefs and identified himself as a bisexual. Hence i had 2 girlfriends. We dated a lot, talked and kissed a lot and did the usual things couples do. But it never came to sex, we always agreed to wait and we never talked about it again.
Somehow one thing led to the other and I ended up with an apprenticeship and a shortcut in business school. Got my degree within 2 years instead of the usual 3.5 years.
And that is all i say for now about my profession 🙂
That was a little glimpse into my past. There will be a few more segments about my past in the upcoming weeks.
My conclusion is…
… I don’t want pity. Go out and share “Love, Valour and Compassion” which for the record is one of my favourite movies.
so long
Brandon <3